XP3 Fuel Enhancer

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About Us

EMAX Automotive Ltd. was established by Alexander Embrecht in 2012. After four years of working as a mechanic in different automotive shops, Alex decided to open a business of his own.


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  • Repair of any trucks and passenger cars
  • Repair of boats, ATVs, motorcycles and other motor vehicles
  • Vehicle maintenance and trailer inspections
  • Engine jobs

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  • Volvo
  • Detroit
  • GMC
  • Cumins
  • and many more...

Contact "EMAX Automotive Ltd" today to make an appointment and your vehicle will be in good hands!


  • Fuel tank cap with lock from $110

    EMAX Automotive Ltd is officially the only fuel tank lock dealer in Manitoba.

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  • Full Service $320

    (Volvo, Cumins, Detroit ...) Oil & Filter change

  • Valve Set $300

    (Volvo, Cumins, Detroit ...)

  • XP3 Fuel Enhancer

    Improve Your Fuel's Quality and Performance Characteristics in Every Tank, with Xp3

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Name:Alexander Embrecht

Cell: +1 204-392-5079

Phone: +1 204-809-6247

Email: emaxautomotive@mail.com