Welcome to the official page of EMAX Automotive Ltd.

EMAX Automotive Ltd. goes the extra mile in repairing and solving any trouble your vehicle might experience.


We are specialized in major repairs of engines, gearboxes, clutches and other truck components. We offer full service for your truck that includes diagnosis and annual maintenance.


You can also get your unit checked with high end computer diagnostic hardware scanners.


"Today's truck is unthinkable without its complex electrical systems tied to the computer. Dozens of sensors are installed in the cabin, engine or transmission and being constantly read information associated with the changes in their work, allowing you to have a real idea of what's going on with the vehicle at any time."

About Us

EMAX Automotive Ltd. was established by Alexander Embrecht in 2012. After four years of working as a mechanic in different automotive shops, Alex decided to open a business of his own.


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  • Repair of any trucks and passenger cars
  • Repair of boats, ATVs, motorcycles and other motor vehicles
  • Vehicle maintenance and trailer inspections
  • Engine jobs

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  • Volvo
  • Detroit
  • GMC
  • Cummins
  • and many more...

Contact "EMAX Automotive Ltd" today to make an appointment and your vehicle will be in good hands!


  • Fuel tank cap with lock from $110

    EMAX Automotive Ltd is officially the only fuel tank lock dealer in Manitoba.

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  • Full Service $320

    (Volvo, Cumins, Detroit ...) Oil & Filter change

  • Valve Set $300

    (Volvo, Cumins, Detroit ...)

  • XP3 Fuel Enhancer

    Improve Your Fuel's Quality and Performance Characteristics in Every Tank, with Xp3

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Name:Alexander Embrecht

Cell: +1 204-392-5079

Phone: +1 204-809-6247

Email: emaxautomotive@mail.com